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SymaleaN Group

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SymaleaN Group, Your QHSE Expert

Founded in 2013, SymaleaN Group is one of the leaders in the digitisation of QHSE management systems. With a professional team of experts, the company supports a variety of companies and organisations each year, from VSBs to large groups, helping them to improve their management systems and digital strategy.

SymaleaN Group is tackling the growing need for professional digitisation, with its established network of shareholders supporting its development, in terms of its presence on both the national and the international stage.

symalean logiciel QHSE

SymaleaN in key figures


Over 100,000


Triple digit growth

in 2019

15 employees

50 QHSE partners

National and

international presence

Established shareholders

who support us

symalean logiciel QHSE

SymaleaN, Your Digital QHSE Solution

In response to the observation that QHSE management systems in all different sizes of company were still mainly based in spreadsheets and office tools, SymaleaN Group has developed a software suite that can be interconnected to ERP software. This makes it possible for QHSE data to interface with the company’s information system.

SymaleaN Group offers collaborative, real-time solutions that improve the performance of management systems and ensure regulatory compliance.

In order to meet the expectations of Information Systems Directors, we provide both SaaS mode (Software As A Service – data hosted by SymaleaN) and On-Premises mode (licences hosted on your servers). In addition, our hosting infrastructures are ISO 27001 IS-HDS certified (Secure Infrastructure for Sensitive Data Hosting), providing you with an optimal service.

SymaleaN and its Values

QHSE professional expertise

A team of QHSE professionals

at your service


A digital tool

for QHSE


A team that is capable of meeting

your needs quickly

“In a global, connected environment, management systems must be able to access information and process it in real time, regardless of the location.

SymaleaN Group is now an essential partner in supporting QHSE teams in their digitisation strategy.”

Aurélien Castel

Chairman, SymaleaN

Aurélien CASTEL

Président, SymaleaN

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