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Employee Register Feature

Record all your employees’ general information

In accordance with ISO 9001 version 2015, the SymaleaN feature makes it possible to identify and gather the human resources required to set up and maintain your operational quality management system.
  • Centralise employee activity data
  • Monitor on-the-job assessments
  • Summarise the professional life of your employees
  • Record and view incidents related to the employee
  • Generate the employee’s induction sheet
Logiciel registre des salariés

Details on features

General information
General information

You can record all the information regarding the employee’s identification, and their personal contact details that will be useful for drawing up documents (name / date of birth / national insurance no. / address / email / telephone number in case of emergency, etc.), including a photo and any additional files.



Using this feature, you can record any information related to the employee’s contract: the type of contract, start date, weekly schedule, superior, the employee’s status, the contract end date and the cause, etc. There is also an option for adding an attachment.

Job role
Job role

For each employee, you can record information for the job role assigned to them: title, starting date of the position, process, manager, risk code and idea of hardship specific to the employee, assigned department, safety tutor and verifier.

The verification lead time allows the software to alert the indicated verifier of a notification to carry out the verification.

Skills and experience

Over the course of an employee’s professional life, they are encouraged to develop their skills and experience. This feature allows you to manage all the skills specific to each employee, by identifying any significant professional experience and linking it to employers or personal qualities. You can also link theoretical and technical skills with aptitude at the same time.

Link the employee experience that has been recorded on the tool to information on initial training and qualifications related to organisations.

Generate the induction sheet
Job description

In this part of the software, professional life (skills, training, professional interview, absence) is also linked to the concepts of health and safety (medical inspections, safety incidents, hardship). This allows you to easily access all this information in a few clicks.

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    notice d'information

    “Employee Register” Legal References

    Norme ISO 9001 risques et opportunités

    Chapter 7.1.2 – Human Resources

    (ISO 9001 version 2015)

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