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Medical Inspections Feature

Plan and manage your medical inspections using a shared tool that provides automatic reminders

This SymaleaN feature makes it possible to manage medical inspections at one or more sites, for each employee, by selecting a date and frequency, in order to be notified that they are planned.
  • Automatic update of skills following inspections
  • Link between aptitude results and employee records
Logiciel gérez les visites médicales

Details on features

Frequency of medical inspections

During the first medical inspection, you will be able to set a medical inspection frequency that is suitable for each employee.

This setting will enable the software to notify you of medical inspections that need to be carried out.

Skills and aptitude
Skills and aptitude

At the end of this medical inspection, you can use the software to notify the employee of whether they are still able to work on their skill(s) or not.

Employee file
Employee record update

Following the medical inspection, the employee record is automatically updated to reflect the result of their aptitude test.

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    “Medical Inspections” Legal References

    Norme ISO 9001 risques et opportunités

    Chapter 7.1.2 – Human Resources

    (ISO 9001 version 2015)

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