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Audits Feature

Audit planning features. Saving the report, any non-conformities and an action plan directly on the IT system

Plan and record your reports while you are on-site, and monitor the actions of your audits using SymaleaN
  • Internal and external audits are the basis for continuous improvement in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management systems, as they guarantee that the system is efficient and dynamic.
  • SymaleaN’s “audits” feature provides you with the tools you need to automate and streamline audit processes.
  • In this way, SymaleaN can ensure regulatory compliance.
Logiciel gestion des audits internes et externes

Details on features

Audit register and schedule
Audit register and schedule

The register monitors the planning and status of audits. The audit schedule can be viewed directly on the interface. For completed audits, a confidence weighting is generated using an evaluation matrix that is filled in during the audit.

Audit plan
 Audit plan

Audit planning includes a plan that allows the type of audit, its purpose and scope to be integrated, as well as the audits and auditors. Programs can be integrated by importing external PDF documents.

Audit report
Audit report

The audit report is filled in directly in SymaleaN, integrating comments, findings, deviations/non-conformities, and the action plan. These can be integrated directly into the “non-conformities” and “action plan” modules, in order to better monitor them. A configurable evaluation matrix allows an audit confidence weighting to be generated.

Distribution of reports
Distribution of reports

A “distribution” feature is used to allow people to discuss the audit directly in the SymaleaN software, and send the linked PDF report by email. The traceability of these discussions can be guaranteed, as they can be consulted by everyone.

Overview of internal and external audits
Overview of internal and external audits

An “Audits” dashboard is automatically created, allowing you to view the reports (completion rate, number of non-conformities, number of actions, process confidence weighting, etc.).

“Audits” Legal References

Norme ISO 9001 Audits internes et externes

Chapter 9.2 – Internal Audit (ISO 9001 version 2015)

Norme ISO 45001 Audits internes et externes

Chapter 9.2 – Internal Audit (ISO 45001 version 2018)

Norme ISO 14001 Audits internes et externes

Chapter 9.2 – Internal Audit (ISO 14001 version 2015)

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