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Incidents Feature – Accidents / Workplace Accidents

Simplify the flow of incident, accidents and safety incident reporting/analysis, while complying with the associated regulations.

The French Safety Regulation Code states that workplace accidents must be declared and analysed by all organisations, regardless of their size.
  • SymaleaN’s functionality allows organisations to deal with these incidents using intuitive, high-performance software.
  • It includes the necessary tools for carrying out these analyses (the root cause tree diagram, the Ishikawa 7M diagram) and it has an approval circuit function (from incident declaration to closure).
logiciel gestion incidents accidents

Details on features

Declaration of safety incidents
Declaration of safety incidents

The reporting forms include different types of incidents, such as accidents with or without lost time, minor accidents, near-miss accidents and other incidents. If the hazard is linked to the workstation in the description of the incident, this allows the Risk Assessment Document accidentology to be updated in real time.

Recording corrective actions guarantees that the incident will be processed immediately. To ensure the traceability of the declaration, you can import all the documents and photos that are to be used as evidence.

Analysis of incidents
Analysis of incidents

When associated hazards and causes are determined, it enables safety statistics to be generated, updating the “accident” criterion in the Risk Assessment Document and in the Occupational Health & Safety Risk Assessment.

The linked action plan is monitored as part of the analysis, in order to prevent the safety incident from happening again.

Processing of corrective actions
Processing of corrective actions

The “processing actions” feature centralises all the actions that are integrated in the different incidents. Rights management allows each supervisor to view all their processing actions, as well as their status.

Viewing incident statistics
Viewing incident statistics

The internal statistics generation engine provides a database of standard statistics for reporting purposes. This is used to configure the safety dashboards (frequency rate, severity rate, etc.).

For more complex statistics, SymaleaN has a “custom statistics” feature that allows any data to be queried, and which generates its own statistics.

Generating the PDF report
Generating the PDF report

When reporting and analysing, the accident or incident report is generated as a PDF to facilitate communication.

The “Workplace Accident” Legal References

code du travail gestion incidents accidents

Articles L1226-7 (French Labour Code)

code de la sécurité sociale gestion incidents accidents

Articles L411-1 (French Social Security Code)

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