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SymaleaN Group

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The QHSE Community

Tackle your strategic challenges by joining our QHSE ecosystem

SymaleaN Group has become the leading company in the digitisation of QHSE management systems.

The company supports a variety of companies each year, from VSBs to large groups, helping them to improve their management systems and digital strategy.

By joining SymaLink, you can raise your profile, gain new business and meet your customers’ expectations.

Become a key player in QHSE digitisation

Why join SymaLink?

Access a dedicated hotline

that is staffed by professional experts

Receive partner training

in our virtual meeting room

Make the most of our reputation

thanks to the list on our website and registration on our public marketplace

Access our marketplace

and view our training and consulting offers

Increase your business volume

by offering more

Join our partner facilitation programmes

(seminars, conferences, user clubs, etc.)

SymaleaN Group: A real investment for our partners

SymaleaN Group is committed to improving day-to-day QHSE operations.

Join the SymaLink community and become a key player in the digital transformation of our profession.

more than 100,000


growth to

3 figures in 2019

15 employees

50 QHSE partners

national presence

and international

strong shareholders

who accompany us

Looking for new business opportunities?

Join SymaLink

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