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QHSE system management application

Streamline and simplify your QSE approach by centralizing all your data on a single collaborative tool. Our steering application QHSE is essential for determining and achieving all of your goals quality, safety and environment.

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Our Dyo app is based on the various ISO standards, This allows the implementation and management of your management systems, with the normative data and the reports of your indicators.

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Streamline and simplify your quality approach by centralizing all your data on a single collaborative tool

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One QHSE mobile application ensuring your mobility. Where are you from, Give feedback, whether they are statements of non-conformities, reports ofaudits internal or external, directly with or without an internet connection.

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The module QHSE management de Dyo ensures the management of company performance in a context of continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, operational control, as well as the automation of reporting.

The functionalities of our QHSE management solution

Discover the different functionalities
Needs and expectations of interested parties

Watch for requirements of your interested parties and calculate compliance with them according to your QMS using an evaluation matrix in Dyo.

Automatic index generation

Thanks to a rating system (gravity, control, impact), our Dyo app generates indices of strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.

QHSE issues

Identify the issues according to their category (PESTEL) while involving interested parties. Then, combine your analyses and objectives and create actions.

Assigning associated actions

For each evaluation, actions may be affected. These will be centralized in the action plan Overview of the Dyo application with each evaluation as its origin.

Assessment of QHSE risks and opportunities

Based on a SWOT model, you have a vision of your strengths and weaknesses and a vision of your risks and opportunities.

Generating the PDF report

Over the life of the evaluation of risks and opportunities, the report is generated in PDF to facilitate communication.

QHSE strategic objectives

The strategic objectives are based on the QHSE policy and are assigned to the target area. Dyo makes it possible to integrate strategic axes and associate operational objectives with them.

QHSE operational objectives

Each operational objective includes a domain (QHSE) and may be linked to one or more strategic objectives. In order to monitor its attainment, a follow-up of the action plan associated is realized.

QHSE indicators

The dashboard of metrics Allows you to visualize in real time the result, the achievement ofpurpose as well as the trend compared to the previous month.

Description of the action

In our solution “QHSE action plan”, pre-configured fields guarantee a refined description of the action (product or process concerned, type of action, priority, etc.).

Monitoring the treatment of the action

Once the action period has been specified, the Action pilot is alerted by an internal notification and/or by email of a new action to be carried out.

Checking the effectiveness of actions

According to ISO standards, the effectiveness of actions needs to be checked. Dyo integrates the possibility of choosing a verifier as well as the verification period.

Journal register and journal planning

The register monitors the planning and implementation of reviews. Un Gantt chart is available to visualize journal planning.

Review plan

Review planning is done with a” review plan ” which integrates the type, objective and processes concerned, but also the managers, organizers and participants.

Review report and dissemination

The user will be able to transform the reports into”model reports”. The distribution tab allows you to send journals by email in PDF format. Trade tracking is available in Dyo.

Register of non-compliances and complaints

The anomaly register guarantees a visualization of all non-conformities as well as their condition (processed, to be analyzed, overdue, etc.).

Treatment and closure

The registration of “processing actions” guarantees follow-up by the person responsible for correction actions. In addition, access a monitoring of the costs of the nonconformity Or of the complaint.


The declaration form of non-conformities Or complaints On our mobile application QHSE ensures that you receive all the necessary information and that you can take a live photo.

Dissemination of reports

A “broadcast” function allows you to discuss the anomaly directly in the function Dyo. Send the associated PDF report by email.


Dyo has the tools needed toanomaly analysis (Diagram 7M and cause tree). Thus, your actions resulting from the analysis can be directly integrated into the action plan.

Summary of non-conformities and complaints

A dashboard” Abnormalities ” is automatically generated in order to visualize the reporting (anomaly by type, by process, associated costs, etc.).

Audit register

The register monitors the planning and status of the carrying out audits. A confidence rate is then generated thanks to an evaluation matrix filled in during the audit.

Audit report

The seizure of audit report can be directly carried out on theDyo mobile app with the integration of comments, findings, discrepancies or non-conformities And some action plan.

Audit schedule

A visualization of audit schedule is available directly on the interface Dyo for better management and better traceability of your audits.

Dissemination of reports

A “Broadcast” function allows you to exchange directly on The audit and to send the associated PDF report by email. Visible to all, the traceability of exchanges is thus ensured.

Audit plan

La audit planning includes a plan for integrating the type of audit, its purpose and scope, as well as the auditees and auditors.

Summary of internal and external audits

A dashboard” Audits ” is automatically generated, which allows you to visualize the reporting (completion rate, number of non-conformities, number ofgenerated actions, ...).


Increase the efficiency of your QHSE Management

Revolutionize your quality management system : Automate your management, centralize your Field lifts, your documents and your data, thanks to mobility guaranteed by our mobile application. Contact us today to book a free online demo date.

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A few questions

Frequently asked questions

Is the Control module available in several languages?

Yes, today, our solution is translated into 7 languages (French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Dutch).

Do we have support for using the QHSE Management module?

Yes, our prices include support and maintenance of our solution. You will also benefit from a chatbot to exchange, find information and get technical support.

Is it possible to set up an interface between the Control module and other software?

Yes, we have APIs that will allow us to interconnect our solution to any third-party software in order to automate the exchange of information and avoid double entry of information.

Are the functionalities of the Control module on your mobile app/tablet?

Yes, you will be able to carry out your non-conformities live in the field, and create your reports ofaudits in real time. The Dyo mobile application is available on the Play store or the App store and works in connected and offline mode.

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