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Company specialized in technological solutions and health/professional services, pharmaceutical industry.



Leader in sanitary and drainage systems, innovative solutions for bathrooms and infrastructures.



Company specialized in connected medical devices, innovative solutions for secure administration and monitoring.



International logistics and transport, complete solutions for the flow of goods.



Company specialized in the design and manufacture of tailor-made electromechanical solutions for various industries.



A leading global company in steel production, offering sustainable solutions for various industrial sectors.

Papeteries du rhin


Located in Illzach, Papeteries du Rhin produces around 80,000 tons of cardboard on the paper machine. They rely on active environmental management by reducing their impacts and preserving natural resources. Their cardboard is also made from 100% recycled cardboard.

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La Boulangère


Renowned bakery company, a wide range of quality products: bread, pastries and more.



The HProcess Group

HPROCESS is a holding company that brings together several renowned industrial companies: GOAVECENGINEERING, ETA, SVX (SERVINOX), PROCESS MIXING SOLUTIONS (PMS) and GEPS SERVICES.

This entirely French industrial group aims to strengthen and develop each entity as an ethical, reliable and sustainable partner in its field of expertise.

Each entity remains an autonomous entity, benefiting from an experienced sales team, research and development capabilities, and specialized production facilities in its core area.

The group is committed to developing ethical and environmentally friendly solutions, within the framework of a solid and coherent sustainable development (CSR) policy.

Servinox and PMS

Initially, Servinox specialized in the manufacture of valves for the brewing industry, but quickly expanded its offering to include process and tank protection equipment. In the early 1980s, the brewing and beverage sector accounted for 80% of its turnover, but the company then diversified into all areas of the food industry. In the 90s, Servinox took a new turn by conquering the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. In 1993, the company was bought by the Triballat Group, and then in 2006 by the SPLG Group.

As for PMS, since its foundation in the 1980s by an expert in mixing and agitating problems, PMS has quickly established a solid reputation in this field where technicality and experience are essential.

During the 1990s, the innovative capacity of PMS in terms of agitation and the expertise of its teams were recognized and praised by articles published in leading journals specializing in mixing and engineering techniques. In 2000, the company was bought by the Triballat group, and then in 2006 by the SPLG group.

What was the objective sought with the acquisition of QHSE software?

Two years ago now, I wanted a simple, smooth collaborative tool and that's why I asked for an online demonstration on the site.

As a quality manager at the time, I was looking to optimize the management of a management system and respond to several issues. We had data available from different sources (ERP, Intranet, spreadsheets, different products). We spent a lot of time processing this data before being able to analyze it and guide our actions and even manage our improvement action plans. To summarize, a robust management system that is difficult to manage effectively with all actors, including process drivers.

So I want a tool that is collaborative, easy to use, also structuring with respect to normative requirements and that allows us to gather and use information from different databases.

Why the Dyo by Symalean solution?

Compared to what I mentioned just before, the control module seemed to really keep all its promises during the demonstration.

However, one point that was really important for us was that we were not considering a solution that could not interface with our other software in France. So, beyond the Symalean solution, the training, support and support that were offered, this was seen as a guarantee of successful deployment. Beyond that, the competitive price was also a decisive factor in assessing the return on investment.

What have been the visible improvements within your company?

So first of all, better feedback towards the management of non-compliance, action plans and risk management.

We also observed that we had become more responsive thanks to the collaborative system, with the centralization of information, the distribution of emails and automatic notifications, especially internally, and the automation of our management process reviews. Then a significant improvement in the monitoring of action plans, but also a greater involvement of process pilots and their team. The structure of the solution really allows them to identify how their action contributes to the achievement of the company's strategic objectives. That's what was really interesting.

So what, which proves that digitalization really has its place in QHSE.

What are the next steps in the digitalization of Servinox and PMS?

Servinox and PMS will continue their transformation, the transformation of their management system, with the integration of other modules, to manage all quality, safety and environmental issues. Servinox and PMS are part of the HProcess Group, which currently includes five industrial companies, five companies and the next objective is to deploy Symalean in the other companies in the group, to achieve our habits of improving global performance and also of QSE and CSR certification.

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Groupe Richbond


The Richbond Group is a renowned Moroccan company operating in the furniture and bedding sector. Founded in Morocco, the group has built a solid reputation by offering high quality products and innovative design. Since its inception, it has been committed to providing elegant and comfortable interior design solutions that meet the varied needs and tastes of its clientele. The Richbond Group is also recognized for its sustainable vision, prioritizing the use of environmentally friendly materials and implementing responsible practices in its supply chain. Thanks to its artisanal know-how and its commitment to excellence, the Richbond Group continues to position itself as one of the leaders in the furniture market in Morocco.

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Port Atlantique La Rochelle


French seaport on the Atlantic coast, efficient maritime transport and logistics services.



Iconic heavy equipment company, efficient and reliable construction/mining solutions.


Water treatment

World leader in environmental services, innovative solutions for sustainable water, waste and energy management.



A leading company in waterproofness/insulation, offering innovative products for construction and renovation.

Auto Nejma


Auto Nejma Maroc S.A., founded in 1963 by the Hakam family, specializes in the import and marketing of vehicles, spare parts and automotive accessories.

Auto Nejma is the exclusive distributor of the Mercedes-Benz brands (passenger and commercial vehicles), SsangYong and Mahindra in Morocco.

The Auto Nejma headquarters, with an area of 45,000 m², is located in Casablanca. Its network includes five branches in Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier and Oujda, as well as two dealerships in Agadir and Meknès. In addition, several authorized garages are present in Casablanca, Kenitra, Marrakech, Nador and Tangier.

The Auto Nejma network continues to grow and new openings are planned.

Auto Nejma attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility (CSR), adopting a citizen approach that respects people and the environment. Thanks to the use of solutions recommended by major manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Auto Nejma makes the preservation of our planet a daily mission.

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Specialized in the manufacture of advanced technologies and products. Founded in 1999, the company has a long history that dates back over 200 years thanks to the merger of two industrial giants, Thyssen and Krupp.

It operates in several key sectors, including the steel industry, mechanical engineering, automation, mobility technologies and industrial solutions. thyssenkrupp is distinguished by its commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability, offering its customers high-end products and services that meet the complex challenges of modern industry.

With a global presence and a team of highly qualified professionals, thyssenkrupp continues to shape the future of the industry by providing innovative and sustainable solutions across the world.

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RES Group


Renewable energy specialist, comprehensive services for the development and construction of wind and solar farms.



Global construction and concessions group, specializing in infrastructures and services associated with mobility.



International agricultural company, quality in production, processing and marketing.

Groupe AMH


The AMH Group was founded in 1992 by a group of disabled people and supporters. At that time, there were only a dozen of them, without resources, and found refuge with the Moroccan Women's Union, which was chaired by one of their two mentors, Ms. Aicha Alaoui Terrab, while the other was Ms. Donna Sebti.

Recognized as a public utility in 1996, the Moroccan Association for the Disabled experienced remarkable growth and evolved in 2015 to become the AMH Group, an association committed to social entrepreneurship and active in various fields.

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DB Schenker


DB Schenker offers comprehensive supply chain management, air, sea, and land freight services, as well as customized solutions for customers around the world. With solid expertise and a global presence, DB Schenker ensures efficient and reliable logistics operations to help businesses achieve their trade and distribution goals.

A network of 2,100 sites in over 130 countries around the world.

“We were looking for ease of use, a turnkey solution but above all customizable. What Symalean was able to do.”

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GA Smart Building


Construction and engineering, industrial, commercial, residential buildings. Turnkey solutions.

Fives Group


International industrial group, technologies and solutions for automation, aeronautics, energy.



Specialized retail brand: furniture, household appliances, decoration. Quality products, affordable prices.

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